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Expert help for community based growth

We help organizations increase their reach and impact through the power of communities

Who we are

Community Pros is a network of community professionals who expert in Community Based Marketing. 

Our services include Consulting, Training and Community Managers As-a-Service

Our clients range from executives within organizations who look to build their online reputation to marketing departments looking for a go-to market growth strategy through the power of communities.

Lead by

Mike Silberg, Communities savvy and president of Community Pros
Kfir Shapira, Serial Entrepreneur CEO of Community Pros

Trusted by

We have vast experience working with leading organizations globally.

Our approach

We focus on building thought leadership and meaningful relationships through communities. 

We help bringing the voice of unique individuals, brands and organizations to the most relevant communities for them.

The future is not B2C or B2B, it is B2P (Business to People).

The future is not B2C or B2B, it is B2P (Business to People).

Who is it for?

Online reputation management from just one person to the entire organization.


Today, more then ever, organizations understands the power of the exposure of its executives in relevant communities.

Become a thought leader and a  meaningful member of the most relevant communities for your personal and business growth.


Impact your employees personal growth journey and bring value to the organization by training them on community based growth. 

Help them build a stronger professional network and gain brand ambassadors within strategically important communities.

Sales & Marketing teams

Generate more leads. 

Hire a community manager as-a-service or train your current community management team on doing CR (Community Relations).


Build your go-to market strategy based on organic exposure in relevant communities. Start building the kind of relationships that brings long-term value to your organization’s growth.